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Annie Samples

Annie Samples is an American mom of four living in Copenhagen. She enjoys sharing her life and experience with raising her four kids abroad to her followers daily via TikTok and Instagram. Annie has sparked interest in Danish parenting and lifestyle across the globe with features on several international news outlets such as The Daily Mail, New York Post, The Sun, Buzzfeed and Scary Mommy as well as more local publications such as Femina, Alt For Damerne, København Liv and Søndag. Annie has also enjoyed making appearances on TV2’s morning and evening shows.

Before having kids and landing in Denmark, Annie was born and raised in Texas. After receiving her Psychology degree from North Texas University (where she met her husband), Annie moved to New York City to pursue makeup artistry and enjoyed a career in the beauty industry for 6 years before having her first son in Brooklyn. Looking for a slower family life, her family relocated to Portland, Oregon where she had two more sons and where her main focus became parenting, homemaking and hospitality. Annie has found the perfect blend of the excitement of city life and family values in Copenhagen and is sharing her acclimation journey with her supportive international audience. From her own life experiences, she has a passion for women’s issues, sustainability, mental health, and personal expression.

Annie shares all of her interests, passions, the daily realities as a mom of many, and her love for family life in Copenhagen with humor, honesty and an aesthetic eye. She hopes to inspire families to incorporate Danish hygge into their lives wherever they are planted.