Tobias Hamann

Tobias’s universe is sensual and humorous, and always offers lots of inspiration in the kitchen, as well as new ways of looking at life. He’s a young working man with a broad palette of skills and creativity. After his victory in Bagedysten (the Danish Bake Off) in 2014, he got his own travel programme on DR1 and has baked cakes and cooked for all kinds of families around the world. In addition to this, he had his own Christmas programme, also on DR1, where he baked the whole of H. C. Andersen’s adventure.

Tobias has a winner drive, and never says no to a good challenge. Hamann has, thus, won everything from Bagedysten (the Danish Bake Off), Julebagedysten (the
Christmas Danish Bake Off), the Danish Championship in chocolate sculptures, and, most recently, placed first in the Danish programme Stjerner i Trøjen. On top of being a baking enthusiast and TV personality, he is also a trained hypnotist in Los Angeles, and has held more than 50 hypnosis shows nationally.

In November of 2019, Tobias Hamann opened his webshop at here he sells various quality kitchen appliances, which he also diligently tests and shows off on his own channels. Last, but most certainly not least, Tobias is the author of three books published by Gyldendal publishing house, and has given over 100 lectures on travels, cakes, and curiosities – always guaranteeing an interesting and humorous pep talk. That’s why it’s also possible to book Tobias as a presenter and for roles as a host.

His social media represents a large group of female followers who engage in both his stories and posts. Tobias places great importance in valuable content that you can actually use for something. He loves to help people improve in the kitchen, and show that, first and foremost, cooking should be fun – and that it doesn’t necessarily have to be hard to impress with great creations, but that it does take courage and determination.

Tobias also has his own chocolate brand, which is sold in specialty stores, wine shops, flower shops, and museums across the country.

On the private front, Tobias has just moved to Copenhagen from Aarhus. He loves to exercise and push himself, loves to travel (having visited over 77 countries!), and, among other things, cycled alone from Denmark to Turkey, via Moldova. Tobias’s profile is particularly suitable for brand collaborations that focus on food, lifestyle, travel, electronics, and fashion. His collaborations include brands such as CPH Airport, Telia, WOLT, Jyske Bank, Samsung, Merrild, Bridgestone, SimCorp, Marriott Hotels, Kilroy Travel etc.