Michelle Kristensen

    Michelle has a mission: to show Danes that a healthy lifestyle can be simple, fun and tasteful. She inspires them to an everyday life where there is a fine balance between the consumption of cake and cabbage.

    For the past nine years, Michelle has had over 75,000 people at her MK camps, written nine books and 12 e-books, as well as published 14 MK online magazines.

    Michelle is from the north of Jutland, lives in Copenhagen, has a bachelor’s degree in Sports, and a master’s degree in Human Nutrition. In 2010, she became self-employed. Michelle has worked as a personal trainer, has written recurringly for the IFORM magazine through five years and for Alt for damerne for a year, and has been a ‘best in test’ judge within the training area for Politiken.

    Since June 2013, Michelle has been Go´ Morgen DK’s regular health expert, and is on screen every other Tuesday, where she gives healthy everyday tips, makes healthy food and dispels myths. She has also been a health expert on the DR1 program Fede Forhold, season 2.

    At the end of 2017, Michelle chose to make her business 80% digital, which allowed her to scale her team from 21 to five employees. Today, Michelle’s app ‘MK Universet’ is one of Denmark’s most downloaded apps with over 120,000 users. The last non-digital 20% she uses for giving lectures to B2B as well as B2C customers. Michelle has given over 200 lectures to anything from 25-1000 people.

    Michelle is very much against calorie counting, fanatical dieting and raised index fingers. She spends much of her time developing healthier recipes that can make the angels sing. She also uses this skill when she, as a consultant, helps food companies make their products healthier.

    She has run five marathons, cycled to Paris, completed a quarter of an Ironman, is an old handball and football player, has crawled the Limfjord and Aar’s swimming pool thin and has a big heart for nature. Today she mostly practices running, strength training, yoga, swimming and hiking.