Mathilde Augusta

    Mathilde Augusta has a unique aesthetic and is especially known for her sensory, positive, and creative approach to life. Without any barriers, she includes her followers in her everyday life and magic moments – through daily sensory, devoted, artistic, and aesthetic stories and posts. She does this in a present and intense way that makes her followers feel drawn in, seen, and heard through her profile @mathildeaugustadam. Mathilde Augusta is a known face in the Danish fashion industry. Previously, she has worked with Public Relations for Danish fashion brands. With her bachelor’s in Communication from Media and Journalism School, she has many years of experience in strategic communication, which is shown through her trustworthy, personal, transparent and targeted content. 

    Mathilde Augusta has grown up and lives in Copenhagen, where she has a beautiful apartment in Østerbro which she decorates herself with warm and bright shades. Mathilde surrounds herself with poetry and art and has a passion and sense of colour. She loves to mix new designs with unique and historic vintage finds. In this way, Mathilde has a very personal form of expression. 

    When she is not in Copenhagen, she spends a lot of time with Toy Puddelen Roberta in their summer house north of Copenhagen. Mathilde loves nature and cares about sustainability and ecology. Her followers do not doubt that it is quality that Mathilde values more than anything – something she does not compromise on. This is reflected in her choice of clothes, interior design, art, and cooking. It is important for Mathilde Augusta to show that life is not just a pretty image. She is not afraid to share the vulnerable aspects of her life. She always managed to turn the adversity in her life into something constructive. Her open and positive approach to life inspires her followers, and her trustworthiness, warmness, presence and open manner creates the foundation for lots of engagement and interaction. Mathilde focuses on the present and tries to inspire her followers to do the same.

    Mathilde went independent in 2021. Her channel has been growing exponentially over the past year and now has over 41,000 followers. Mathilde has a broad lifestyle platform, which is suitable for collaboration related to fashion, interior design, well-being, slow living, sustainability, health, cooking, baked goods, culture, travel, dogs etc.