Karo Dall

    Karoline Dall went independent as an influencer in the summer of 2017, and has since shared her colourful outfits, which have become her trademark. Karo has the goal of helping her followers become more comfortable in their style and know that everything is allowed. She does this by, amongst other things, her STYLING VISITS, where she goes to her followers’ homes and helps them by giving a fresh pair of eyes and new ideas for the clothes they already own in their wardrobe. This way, she makes sure she puts herself in her followers’ shoes, which is something she prioritizes and takes seriously. 


    Karoline loves to be able to help inspire, as well as to create a positive and authentic vibe on her channels. In addition to her great interest in fashion, in the last year she has opened herself up more to lifestyle, interior, beauty and travel, which has, amongst other things, resulted in Karo becoming the face of L’Òreal Paris i Danmark this year! This has also resulted in a handful of beautiful design collaborations, in which Karoline has designed collections together with Danish brands, such as 2nd One, Meotine, CRAS and Moves. 


    Karoline has a bachelor’s in communication and health promotion management from Roskilde University. She has also previously been fashion assistant at COSTUME, which has given her in-depth knowledge of the industry and all kinds of experiences in fashion weeks around the whole of Scandinavia. After one and a half years at Benjamin Media, he decided to go independent under her own name and brand. Since then, she has worked with brands such as Zalando, Fritz Hansen, L’Òreal Paris, H&M, Who What Wear, Diane von Furstenberg, Pandora, Mercedes, B&O, Samsung, Gina Tricot, and others. 


    Personally, Karoline Dall lives at Islands Brygge with her Boyfriend, Ask, her step-daughter, Silje, and her dog, Werner. It is possible to book Karoline for work emerging from Instagram, as well as styling tasks, events, and design work, amongst other services.