Ditte Julie Jensen

Ditte Julie’s universe is feminine, elegant, progressive, and always very delicate – and that goes for all projects she involves herself in. Ditte Julie’s brand is largely based on personal branding, as she shares both the good and bad about providing for herself, being an entrepreneur, and being the mother to two children.

Ditte Julie participated in Den Store Bagedyst (The Great Baking Contest) in 2015, where she became number four in the competition, and she also took part in the Christmas edition in 2018, where she won. Since then, she has turned her passion for cakes into her lifestyle. She is an important voice in the realm of sweet goods, a TV-chef, cookbook author, lecturer, influencer, and entrepreneur.

In August of 2019, she published her own baking line by Ditte Julie, which she designed in collaboration with Imerco. The line is offered in almost 200 Imerco stores across Denmark and is expanding with 40-50 new products in 2020.

Ditte Julie also runs the blog dittejulie.dk, where she shares cooking recipes, discusses both easygoing and heavy topics, and writes sponsored pieces.