Christina Barré (Founder og Agent)

In July of 2017, Christina stepped out as an independent entrepreneur, with the influencer agency Confetti CPH. She already had four of the country’s biggest lifestyle bloggers, who are all still her clients today.

Since then, Confetti CPH has developed into an “Artist Management”, and now represent influencers, actors, TV personalities, speakers, podcasters, authors, as well as a number of female entrepreneurs. Christina works from her office at Værnedamsvej in Frederiksberg, where she is agent to manager for ten clients.

Christina has been involved in influencer marketing for the past 11 years. Her interest in the industry began already in 2009, when Christina was among the first to start her own blog, which she made an enterprise out of for eight years. As one of the few in the industry, she has, thus, had the opportunity to sit on both sides of the desk.

Amongst other things, Christina was hired as ‘Community Manager’ at Bloggers Delight, and throughout her three years there, she recruited and expanded several companies’ influencer portfolios, with over 200 new bloggers.

She was also the driving force behind creating and running four of the companies’ blog networks, events, and holding lectures on the topic.

Today, Christina’s daily life revolves around the Confetti offices in Frederiksberg, along with the company’s three employees. Now, her third year, she runs one of the country’s most exclusive and successful influencer agencies. Confetti CPH also functions as a creative agency for both large and small companies, helping to drive project management, and the execution of influencer collaborations across digital platforms, agencies, and influencers.

It is also possible to book Christina for talks, presentations, and learning lessons on the topic.