Charlotte Caroline Jensen

Charlotte Caroline is for the third year in a row the Danish face of Maybelline New York, and, due to her colourful universe, she has been a trendsetter for several years within styling and fashion trends. It is especially through her styling videos and “try on” Instagram stories and on IGTV, that she inspires her followers, who interact with her daily and show a keen interest in her platforms: Instagram, blog, and YouTube.

CC lives in Copenhagen, but comes from the north of Jutland, and with her local sense of humour and healthy dose of self-irony, her SoMe is filled with everything from morning hair to serious topics about break-ups, self-love, and how to make the life you dream of a reality. She is not scared of sharing information on sensitive and difficult topics, something which she believes brings her closer to her followers.

Since finishing her exams in high school in 2012, she has started her own event agency, travelled to China and designed bags, and driven her own consulting company – until today where she has built her own personal online brand and works full-time as an influencer. Due to her open and professional approach to providing for herself, she has previously given lectures in Aarhus and Copenhagen, as well as Aalborg, with a focus on entrepreneurship and personal branding online.

In the past year, Charlotte Caroline has switched her focus to self-development and has involved her followers in the process of how to teach yourself to create a balance in your everyday life and be a stronger person.

Charlotte Caroline is trained in clothing design, in 2018 she finished her commercial line and has also attended innovate event management.