Cecilie Falgren Rubini

    Cecilie Rubini has been blogging on Sneglcille.dk since 2009, and is, therefore, one of the first in the industry. With her recognisable and captivating style of writing, she successfully manages to keep her readers engaged, both old and new. In addition to this talent and joy of writing, which radiates with personality and vulnerability, she has a background in the fashion and magazine industry, with a keen interest in beauty, housing, and lifestyle. She has the ability to hit broad, yet deep, without ever compromising her writing style and personal, yet aesthetic, universe on both her blog and Instagram

    In 2018, Cecilie – despite being born, raised, and having her heart in Copenhagen – dove into the deep end and moved out of the city to the beach town, Hornbæk, which also influenced Cecilie’s creative outlets, both visually and in her writing.

    On top of her blogging and Instagram, Cecilie’s joy and interest in words spread to the realm of podcasting, which she tried for the first time in the beginning of 2017, which has led to two successful seasons of Voksen ABC (Adult ABC), as well as guest appearances in several popular podcasts, such as podcasts “Krøllet kærlighed” (Curly love), where Cecilie talks about her curly love history, which is the entire reason the Sneglcille blog arose when it did.

    In addition to writing, taking photos, and podcasting, Cecilie does modelling and can be booked directly via Confetti CPH.