Cathrine de Lichtenberg

    Cathrine has a strong sense of aesthetics, which she translates into colourful and sensual interpretations on her Instagram-profile @cathdelichtenberg. This is especially clear in her home, an old villa apartment in Frederiksberg, which she completely renovated with her partner, Anders, during recent years.

    Cathrine has a master’s degree from CBS in communication and business strategy, and has several years of experience in working with strategic communication and business development. In the first years of her career, she worked with international brands as an employee and consultant in both Copenhagen and London. She later switched to a major Danish company and worked as an expat in Angola and South Africa for a number of years. Today, Cathrine works as an influencer, interior design consultant, and in the floral design studio, Poppykalas.

    Due to her background, Cathrine has a strong understanding of brands and concepts, which she successfully incorporates in her photos in a personal and sincere way. She does really well when it comes to mixing colours, materials, new and used in the best eclectic style, while playing with lights, contrasts, and materials to bring the products to life. Catherine threw herself into a change of industry in 2019, and has today scaled her instagram profile from having just a few hundred followers to over 53,000. Since then, her home has been featured in 16 major magazines in 10 different countries, including the front cover of AD Mexico.