Carla Mickelborg

    You probably know Carla Mickleborg for her role as Søs in ‘Far til fire’, where she acted in six feature films between 2006-2012.

    After living out her dream of being an actress, Carla realised in a coaching session that her passion was something else than acting. Therefore, she trained as a TV production coordinator at Denmark’s Media and Journalism Academy (Danmarks Medie og Journalisthøjskole) in order to convey her own message. It was during a traineeship in L.A. that her career as an influencer quickly came about, and since then Carla’s life has been defined around inspiring others to do what they dream of, with a focus on the journey to get there, not just focusing on the goal itself. Together with her mother and brother, she established in 2017, which sells moodboard calendars to visualise values and goals, in addition to coaching and retreats. In the year 2019, Carla published her first book, ‘I Love Myself’, which is a combination of a self-help book and an autobiography. In 2021 came her other book, ‘Hvad er det du ved? (What do you know?), which is all about her relationship with her mother. After having trained as a GOALS-coach in 2020, she opened Club Carla, which is a community for her followers, with live broadcasts on self-development, online self-development courses, meal plans, and audio meditation. Carla also produces four podcasts: Brunch med Carla (Brunch with Carla), Skal vi være kærester? (Shall we be lovers?), Kærlighedens mysterier (Love’s mysteries), and Mere Mullen (More Mullen).

    Carla’s profile is, therefore, very suitable for brand collaborations, where there is a focus on well being, health, and self-development. An example of a collaboration includes the Triumph campaign #TogetherWeTriumph, where women are inspired to support each other.

    Carla has also worked with Ole Henriksen several times, as his zest for life matches Carla’s profile very well, with happy morning dances in front of the mirror and self-pampering products.

    To summarise, Carla has a broad lifestyle profile, with possibilities to collaborate on everything that has a focus on food, fashion, travel, health, beauty, and home/interior.