Anthony og Caroline

    Anthony and Caroline have been dating since they met on the social media platform, Instagram, in 2014, and it wasn’t long before Anthony packed his bags and moved from England to Denmark to pursue his love with Caroline. Since then, the couple got married and they have three wonderful children together: Baby Otto, Elliot, 3, and Molly, 5. The couple recently bought an old medical clinic in Tisvilde, which they are renovating themselves at the same time as sharing the entire process on their shared housing Instagram @our_new_home_. They are known for their minimalist and Scandinavian aesthetic that is reflected in both their home and on their respective social media platforms @carolinenehring and @anthonybogdan.

    Caroline and Anthony both make a living off of being influencers and content creators, with each of their Instagram accounts creating inspiring content for their followers and collaborating with a range of international brands. Authenticity is their core value and their content is always well-produced, thought through, and with a clear visual red thread. They have an international profile with both Danish and foreign followers and, therefore, both communicate in English.

    Together, they also run the company @relatesocial where they produce content for companies in the form of website content, social media content, lookbooks, campaign shootings and digital strategies. Meanwhile, Anthony already works as a photographer alongside his work as an influencer and entrepreneur, which is why they can offer a high production value. It is, therefore, also possible for partners to buy free images and content from campaigns for use across media and platforms.

    Anthony and Caroline are keen on the lifestyle industry, fashion, housing, DIY, travel and outdoor life with the family. Amongst others, they have worked with brands such as H&M home, Georg Jensen, Loreal, Toyota, Ikea, and Ecco.