Artist management – Influencermarketing – Creative bureau 

Since 2017, Christina Barré has run the creative agency, Confetti CPH, and currently works as agent and manager for 15 Danish talents.

Her customers include some professional influencers, an actress, TV personalities, in addition to speakers, authors, and podcasters. Confetti CPH also helps a number of strong business women in managing their personal brands and collaborating across various platforms and social media. See our clients here.

Confetti CPH has ambitions of having a serious presence and standpoint in the world of digital media and offers companies to tell their stories through content marketing and co-branding collaborations. Together we develop ideas and concepts that are tailored to suit the individual brand and the talent or talents responsible for dissemination. 

At the same time, Confetti functions as a creative agency for both big and small companies, and has been at the forefront of project management and execution of a number of successful influencer collaborations across the digital platforms, bureaus and with the influencers. These include Chefmade, POWER, Sparta, and Sportmaster. 

Meet our founders and the staff of the office here